Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumaraparvatha is also known as Pushpagiri Hills and is about 5624 feet above sea level located in Karnataka. It is approximately 260 kilometers away from Bangalore,  the capital city. It is also part of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, which is in turn a part of Western Ghats. Western Ghats being part of an ecologically rich zone offers a heavenly beauty of nature.

The trek to Kumaraparvatha starts at Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple, which is in fact a base point of the trek. From the temple the summit is 1.5 kilometers. Now Battaramane is the first viewpoint from where you can reach the Forest Office. In Forest Office premises you are allowed to pitch your tents and take some rest. There is a legend that a dog usually accompanies the trekkers and helps them in finding the directions.

Remember that if you fail to reach the Forest Office before 11:30 am, then there are less chances that forest officials will allow you to trek further. Because as part of the rules, the trekkers may not return before night if they start after trekking around 11:30- 12:00pm. The next day of the camp you can reach Shesa Parvatha and Kallu Parvatha. After this you will soon get closer to the peak and this will give great relief and joy.

Chadar Trek 

The journey for Chadar Trek is a memorable one as it is filled with adventures. This journey starts at Leh in Ladakh and it is recommended that you stay at Leh and acclimatize for 3 days before you proceed to attempt Chadar trek. But before your trek there are certain health checkups that every trekker must pass in order to allow the trek. After the acclimatization you will start your actual journey, which takes around 2-3 hours drive along Zanskar valley. And on the way along the valley you can see the confluence of the rivers Indus and Zanskar after which you can see that trail to hike. 

Now walking on a frozen river is a bit tricky but after slipping, falling and trying to gather your balance you will encounter your 1st camping site, the Shingra Koma, which is 10,400 feet above sea level. After a pleasant view of the vast snow blanket you will arrive at Tibb, the next camp site. Then you will witness the frozen waterfall called Nerak. It is the most iconic place of all you have visited in the journey. This will finally lead you to the next destination called Chadar. The chilling river flowing beneath and a thin frozen sheet of snow covered over the river. It can only lead you to the pinnacle.

Kedarkantha Trek 

Kedarkantha trek is part of Uttarakhand Himalayas and is at an altitude of 12500 feet above sea level. Sankri, which is the base village of Kedarkantha, is located in the easternmost ranges of Uttarakhand. The trail from Sankri heads towards Juda Ka Talab and the beginning of it is marked by a dense forest full of trees, especially the rhododendrons and pines. Juda Ka Talab from Sankri is a 5 kilometer trail. You can observe that the atmosphere from here starts to thin. Juda Ka Talab, which is a perfect place for camping, consists of a landscape of frozen lakes in the midst of tall pine trees. With this you can expect that the trail up ahead would be fully covered with snow and ice sheets. 

Now in the trail the next campsite is Kedarkantha base camp, which offers the spectacular views of Gangotri ranges. In the Kedarkantha base camp the temperature drops to around minus 5 degrees. You must be ready to take that challenge. With the clear view of the summit from the base camp, the next day’s trail will end with the summit trek. Now there are different ways to reach the summit. But the best route is to catch the northern ridge of the summit and climb up in a series of switchbacks from the Kedarkantha Base camp. After a hard trail, you would surely encounter the exquisite layers of the snow along with the ranges of mighty mountains at the summit. 

Tadiandamol Trek 

Tadiandamol trek is a very popular trek for beginners. It is part of Western Ghats and located in Kodagu district of Karnataka. The peak is standing at a height of 1748 meters above sea level. During the months of Monsoon and winters you can start the trek. It is filled with Sholas that are dwelling places of fog and mist amidst evergreen forest. But one must be aware that camping is not allowed in Tadiandamol so, plan your iteration accordingly.

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