The Ice Staff code can be obtained at the Exploration Site or the Excavation Site tank stations. The code is located on the blue disc inside the building, next to Generator 2. You can also find it on the front table or weapon box shelf. It is not located in a certain location; however, it can be found on the ground when snow starts to fall. Once you reach the Excavation Site, you can begin digging up rubble piles to get the code.

Obtaining ice staff code

Obtaining an Ice Staff code is one of the most difficult tasks in Call of Duty: Black Ops IV. In addition to offering new challenges and content, the game also offers periodic upgrades that can enhance the game and add more features. You can use an Ice Staff code to unlock the Excavation Site. Here are the steps to obtain this item. You must be in the Exploration Site or Excavation Site tank station to obtain the code. There are no fixed locations for the code; it is usually located on a blue disc on the front table or on a weapon box shelf. Once you have found it, the next step is to dig up rubble piles and collect ice blocks, which will unlock the Exavation Site.

In addition to being able to reclaim souls, ice code personnel now have the ability to absorb souls. This means they can now be used to help save other souls from the undead. When you find an ice staff code, Samantha will appear and tell you how to obtain one. After the upgrade is complete, Samantha will return to tell you when the power is restored for the ice workers.

Using the ice staff

After you’ve defeated twenty zombies, you’ll be able to use the ice staff to absorb zombie souls. You can also charge your ice staff to project blocks of ice. Once charged, this weapon will cause a blizzard that freezes zombies for 10 seconds. There are also other ways to use the ice staff. These tips will help you get the best use out of your ice staff.

To find the ice staff code, visit an Exploration Site or Excavation Site and head inside the building. The code is usually found on the blue disc near Generator 2, on the front table, or on the weapon box shelf. Depending on your location, you can find the ice staff in a variety of locations. You can also dig up rubble piles to find it. Once you have found the ice staff, you can move on to the next level.


The Ice Staff Code is a powerful in-game currency that you can use to enhance your weapons and staff. It can also be used to crack riddles and freeze gravestones. It is possible to obtain the code by spending some time in the Exploration or Excavation Sites. There are many ways to get this item and it is free to do so. Here are a few of them. You will need snow to get the code, dig up some rubble piles, and kill a few enemies to unlock the Exavation Site.

The Staff of Ice is a powerful weapon. It can be upgraded to Ull’s Arrow and can stop entire armies of zombies. Ice staffs can also be upgraded to the lightning version, which releases a ball of lightning that electrocutes enemies in the region. Once you have equipped the Staff of Ice, you will need to find three tombstones in the game’s world. These tombstones can be destroyed by shooting them and freezing them.

Solving riddles

One way to upgrade your ice staff is to complete riddles with this weapon. These riddles will be located in various places in the game, including the Crazy Place. The riddle will require you to match patterns on ceiling panels with patterns on the stone slabs. In this instance, you can also use the Ice Staff to break gravestones. You must solve the riddle in the correct order in order to upgrade your ice staff.

First, you must complete the game’s challenge mode by completing all the puzzles. To do this, you’ll need to have 3 parts: the coloured disc, the black disc, and the gramophone. Using these three parts will unlock the BLUE portal. Usually, you’ll find the coloured disc in the building next to Generator 2 or on the weapon box shelf by the rear door.

Breaking gravestones

The Ice Staff can be used to shoot wall symbols, ceiling slabs, and gravestones. The Gravestone is located near the Robots’ arm and outside the map’s boundary. It is grey in color. To break it, shoot it using the Ice Staff. The Gravestone flips around when hit. After breaking all six panels, the voice of Samantha will announce that you have succeeded and transport you back to your original realm.

Once the Ice Staff has fully powered up, Samantha will outline your team in red. You can then use it to break gravestones and solve riddles. The Ice Staff has an AOE of 6% and can be used in conjunction with ranged skills to improve their AOE. The Ice Staff also has a 6% damage buff that prevents energy loss from ranged skills. In addition, it can absorb zombie souls.

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