Ladakh Leh trip is the most sought after destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts. First things first is how will you reach Ladakh if you want to tour around Ladakh. 

Leh in Ladakh has its own airport located at a strategic point that is famed as the highest point of India. You can choose to travel by air and land in Leh Airport from either Delhi or Chandigarh. The view from the sky is amazing and you cannot miss the landing at the beautiful spots so do not forget the windows open. It takes only 1.5 hours from Delhi to reach Leh. As soon as you land, you can check in the hotel and relax and explore Leh. But to overcome the altitude sickness and acclimatization issues you must spend at least 2 days in Leh. 

Now you do not want this, then you can take up a road drive from Manali that can give you a gradual ascent so that you are slowly acclimatized along with the beautiful backdrop of the Manali route. Now after your landing here are certain things to do in Ladakh trip

Ladakh Tour

On day 1, you can make it easy and visit Ranchoo school where the famous movie called 3 Idiots was shot. It has all the glimpses and art wall for the visitors of the film. So it can be a good option to start your day on the Ladakh Tour. After this you can go to Thiksey Monastery, which is the largest monastery of the central Ladakh and is a kind of replica of the Monastery in Tibet. It has a huge architecture and a very beautiful place to feel Tibetan vibes. Then you can visit Shey Palace, which is an ancient architecture, which has the culture of Ladakh. After an easy day, you can spend your evening at Sindhu Ghat Cafe, which is near the Indus river. So enjoy the sunset with delicious food there.  

Leh Tour

On day 2, you can start your tour with Sangam Point. You can clearly notice the difference between the Indus and Zanskar rivers. And you can also spot a bridge where the climax of Jab Tak Hai Jann was shot. After the Sangam you can go to Magnetic Hill and the speciality of this place is that it defies the phenomenon of gravity and if you park your vehicle on the box you can find your car moving in spite of being in neutral, which is a wonder of nature. Then you can go to Guru Pather Sahib Gurdwara in the midst of the quiet hill. Very calm and soothing place that also serves a tasty Langar. The next attraction of Leh is the Hall of Flame, which is an army museum. It is all about the soldiers who contributed and sacrificed their lives for the nation. You can also enjoy the traditional Ladakhi dance after this museum. The next place is the Shanti Stupa, which is the very famous attraction of Leh. To get the aerial view of the beautiful mountains you can visit this place. In the evening, you can enjoy the Zorawar night show and enjoy the cinematic experience. 

Khardungla Visit

On the next day, you can leave for Nubra Valley. Here you can hire a taxi or rent a bike and drive along. Nubra Valley is near Khardungla pass. For this journey, you must apply for a permit. The distance between Leh and Khardungla is about 40 kilometers. And the place is full of beautiful scenes which you will come across. On the way to Nubra Valley from Khardungla you can visit North Pullu. Most of the tourists stop here and enjoy their lunch in the nearby hotel after their check point permit. Then you will reach the site of Future Buddha, which has a majestic statue of Lord Bhudda. After this you will also get the opportunity of camping in Nubra along with a double Humped camel ride in Nubra Sand Dune. 

Pangong Lake Tour

Then on day 4, you can plan on going to Pangong Lake. The speciality of this is that it changes its color from the shades of blue to green to red. It is situated as a high altitude lake that is filled with saline water. Here you can take a yak ride and visit the 3 Idiots film spot and this is the place where this movie climax is shot. So you can just chill out and enjoy the camping facilities there. On the last day you can try to visit Tso Moriri and enjoy the soothing place with the chilling cold out there.