As a vacationer in Goa, you have plenty to do in the small yet vast region. Choose from one of the many magical beaches and landscapes or historical treasures to explore. There are numerous churches, historical landmarks around this paradise that can be found. The Goa Museum is also home to a wide variety of fascinating artefacts from around the world, as well as its own local history showcased in a number of permanent exhibitions throughout the year. Following places to visit in goa in summers.

Here is a list of the best places to visit throughout this Summer in Goa:

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Cansaulim Monte

Cansaulim Monte is a popular option for those looking to stay in Goa. It’s loved for its close proximity to Carmona-a lighthouse that serves as a beacon for sailors and fishermen alike. And of course it’s ideal location makes it an excellent choice for travellers seeking stunning daybreaks and twilights. Cansaulim Monte is just the place to be if you want to get up close to some typical Goan flora, like crops or livestock! But arriving here isn’t so easy due to its far off location from Panjim via train. Plus, travelling on its tiny roads might keep a few people away, but it’s definitely worth the journey every time!

Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is one of the best destinations in Goa! It is located in south Goa, and with its canopy of palm trees, soft white-sand, and clear waters it will sweep you off your feet. Just north of Palolem beach, Majorda is a popular summer destination amongst tourists. Best for swimming and relaxation and lying on the beach in the sun. However this does not come without its downsides as some find themselves getting pick pocketed or conned so it’s best to keep an eye (and preferably hand) on any items of value.

Shri Mangeshi Temple

The Shri Mangeshi Temple has been a staple of worship for hundreds of years. Its architecture embodies all the best characteristics of temples up and down India and attractions in Mumbai But wait, there’s more! It’s also surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes so you can totally fire photos during your visit!

Dona Paula:

Dona Paula Jetty is a popular summer destination that appeals to couples, families and friends alike. It’s a beautiful setting by the sea that is perfect for walking along the shoreline, taking your shoes off, feeling the sand between your toes and being able to appreciate how close you are to nature on its most beautiful setting. This joyous destination lies at where the Zuari River and Mandovi River meet right before flowing into the Arabian Sea.

Calangute Streets:

The Baga-Calangute road trip is one of the fun rides you can take. You can really see all that Goa has to offer this summer. For example, the interesting culture and traditions in Goa make it a worthwhile visit. things to carry around with you throughout the day!

Pigeon Island:

Beneath the translucent waters of any one of Goa’s beautiful beaches lie a rich and diverse marine ecosystem. Goa has a long tradition of scuba diving which usually goes from the start of October until late May. From June to September, most scuba diving centres remain shut due to severe weather conditions brought on by the monsoon season.

Fort Aguada:

Aguada Fort is a spectacular summer destination where you can view the colonial architecture and relish the stunning view of the city while enjoying the most exquisite treats. So mark it down because this is definitely one of those destinations which is worth leaving everything else behind for!

The spiral staircase, classical architecture, and marvellous view from atop makes Aguada Fort a must see. It’s one of the most exquisite beauties overlooking Panjim city.

Palolem Beach:

The famous Palolem Beach lies in South Goa. It is on the list of 3 most visited beaches in India ranked alongside Covelong and Baga, Goa. Apart from being popular for its white sand, crystal clear waters and sun-drenched surroundings, it is also known for its accommodation, food & beverages and shopping joints which are situated along the beach’s footpath. Boasting of spectacular rocks and islands off its shores, Palolem Beach is one of the most visited beaches in South Goa. Home to excellent beach shacks and eateries, Palolem is a perfect summer destination for those who are looking for something outside of the usual tourist destinations.