Basic information about LCC

Q1. Can I open an LLC in the US without Chachu and Mamu?

Yes, you can make an LLC in the US without any Chachu and Mamu.

LLC Fees by state 2022

Q2. Do I need to have a VISA or Traveling history of US to open LLC?

No, you do not need to have any US travelling history or VISA to register an LLC there.

Q3. Can I open an LLC on Pakistani Passport?

Yes, you can open an Limited Liability Company on Pakistani Passport

Q4. Can I open an LLC while staying in Pakistan or I need to be in any other country?

Yes, you can open an LLC at your local Pakistani address, you do not need to be in Dubai or Australia or in any other country. This is not your Limited Liability Company address rather your personal information with the State.

Q5. Is there any yearly Fee of an LLC?

Yes, several States charge yearly State Fee for your Limited Liability Company. For example, if you have an LLC in Delaware, you will have to pay annual charges of $300 every year.

Q6. What factors need to be considered before opening an Limited Liability Company?

There are few basics that you must be aware of: 1) The LLC and address should be of the same state, it is not recommended to have the address of your relative that is living in Texas and your form an LLC in Delaware.

2) Yearly State fee of the LLC, many people do not know that there is a yearly renewal fee associated with many States, it is not a tax rather a renewal fee that you have to pay to State in order to keep your LLC valid for example, the Delaware state charges $300 every year as a renewal fee.

Q7. Is ITIN mandatory for Limited Liability Company?

ITIN is not mandatory for LLC, it is required when you file Income Tax. The mandatory element for an LLC is Employer Identification Number (EIN). Without EIN your Limited Liability Companyis of no use! if you need more basic information about LLC