Nocturnal emissions are a common problem among men and affect men of all age groups. However, it tends to peak in adolescence. Nightfall is an involuntary phenomenon that occurs due to intimate dreams at night. Hormonal changes and excessive masturbation are the most common causes of wet dreams, which need nightfall solution. Nightfall is usually normal and is necessary for healthy semen circulation. But when it starts happening continuously, you need to be cautious. Seek for Nightfall treatment if you’re feeling weakness, vision deficiency, and unusual pain in testicles then you should visit a sexologist in Jaipur to better treatment.

Abnormal nightfall leads to impotence, and as a result, the quality of semen becomes inferior. According to doctors, the nightfall is a psychological disorder. A man suffering from wet dreams loses the ability to have a normal erection; due to this, he will have to face an unhealthy physical relationship.

Why Nightfall Happens

Nightfall occurs due to the loose penile nerves. Those who are addicted to masturbation loosen the tissues of their penis, which reduces ability to hold semen and gets ejaculated due to some intimate dream at night or early morning. Apart from this, due to filling of the bladder at night, the pressure of veins also decreases, and there is a strong possibility of congestion. Medical consultation is effective nightfall solution and avoiding the symptoms of nightfall can cause serious physical harms.

Alarming Signs of Nightfall

In teenagers, there are many changes take place in body like growth of gentile organs, hormonal changes. As a result of sudden hormonal changes, he takes an interest in masturbation and erotic fantasies. Adolescents are not alert, so they do not respond appropriately to such changes. Moreover, many men think nightfall is a sort of sexual disorder. Know here what kind of symptoms point towards unnatural nightfall.

  • Early discharge and erectile dysfunction
  • Pain in joints
  • Sleep disorder
  • Morning dizziness
  • Unable to sleep,
  • Burning sensation while urinating

The above symptoms suggest that you are suffering from abnormal nightfall and the body is seeking treatment.

Effective Nightfall Solution

Nightfall occurs in an excited state of mind which can be prevented by several methods such as medication, exercise, mental improvement, and expert advice. Below are some ways in which you can bring nightfall to an average level.

Meditation: Meditation produces a relative awakening whereby the compulsion to perform unwanted tasks decreases over time. And the mind will not want to run away after filthy habits.

Yoga and exercise: Yoga and exercise help you gain control over the body. Regularly repeating some simple yoga asanas such as Cow Face and Cobra Pose will help you overcome nightfall. Exercising jogging, weightlifting, and situps and yoga will also benefit—practice yoga and exercise before sleeping at night, which will help you fall asleep quickly.

Diet plan: If you change your food habits, then the problem of nightfall can be easily eliminated. For this, you have to take expert advice because only a doctor will give you food suggestions according to the disorder level. For starters, you can get results by including Tinda, bottle gourd, and honey in your daily diet.

Medicines: Some Ayurvedic herbs are very effective at nightfall, like ashwagandha, long, and garlic. With their regular consumption, you will also get a better sex life.

Expert Consultation: Be sure to consult a skilled sexologist before using any type of treatment on yourself. The sexologist will guide you better, and you will be able to get back your lost physical and mental strength. Nightfall can be easily cured, and it just needs to be recognized, so definitely consult a sexologist.

Best Sexologist in India to Cure Nightfall

Dr. Chirag Bhandari Best Sexologist in Jaipur for Nightfall treatment

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a well experience sexologist in Gurgaon who has been trained in issues like male impotence, sterility, and premature ejaculation from the University of London. You can get suggestions from Dr. Chirag through online counseling for problems related to male sexual disorder. Having achieved Masters in Surgery from Pune, he has accumulated vast experience and is founder of IASH, a subsidiary of Bhandari Hospital & Research Center in Jaipur. Dr. Chirag, an expert in urology, sexology, or andrology, can serve you better.


There are many misconceptions about nightfall, due to which men develop a sense of mistrust and turn to wrong remedies. In fact, counselling and treatment most effective nightfall solution. That’s why the purpose of this blog was to give you an idea of to what extent nightfall is healthy and when you need to be alert. So be careful only on the initial symptoms and consult a sexologist.