Mike Epps Net Worth, a name that evokes laughter and versatility as a comedian, and he is worth $5 million. Also known for his comedian chops, acting skills, and music as well, Epps has made a name for himself among the showbiz. Let us explore further into his evolution from a West End stage to a respected actor in Hollywood.


Full Name Michael Elliot Epps
Category Comedian, Actor, Producer, Musician, Rap Artist
Nationality American
Net Worth $5 million
Birthdate November 18, 1970
Birthplace Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Gender Male
Parents Mary Reed (mother), Tommy Epps (father)
Profession Comedian, Actor, Producer, Musician, Rap Artist
Spouse Kyra Robinson (current), Mechelle McCain (former)
Children Four children (three with Mechelle McCain, one from a previous relationship)


Early Life

One of our most popular comedians, Michael Elliot Epps, was born on the 18th of November in 1970 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Raised up by his parents, Mary Reed and Tommy Epps, as a kid, Mike’s brilliance in comedy was very prominent. With the support of his family, he started to do stand-up comedy even as a teenager, which ultimately triggered a scenario for his future involvement in the entertainment industry.

 We moved to Atlanta and Brooklyn.

 Adding a new chapter to his life, he headed to Atlanta. In this section, he sharpened his skills at the Comedy Act Theater, the leading step that made him ready for bigger things. The move to Brooklyn in 1995 served to be his start, as he joined the Def Comedy Jam tour.

 J Shows massively hit show Def Comedy Jam.

 When he went on Def Comedy Jam tour it was the turning point for Epps. His act in the tour and HBO’s Def Comedy Jam episodes exposure contributed to his national recognition. It was this showcase performance that paved his way to a comedy career and provided opportunities to penetrate the movie industry.

 Film Career Beginnings

 Epps got her first film role by starring in Vin Diesel’s debut in “Strays” (1997). However, his debut role was in “Next Friday” (1999) when Ice Cube cast him after he auditioned for him. Epps pulled it off with his first film and starring role as Day-Day Jones, and he reprised this role in “Friday After Next” (2002) becoming part of comedy film genre.

 Rise to Fame

 The name Epps reached its peak in the early 2000s. In addition to “Friday After Next,” he was also phenomenal in such movies as “How High” with Method Man and Redman (2001), and “Dr. This includes his role as Sonny the Bear in “Dolittle 2” which was released in 2001. With the help of Ice Cube, he released “All About the Benjamins” and he proved himself to be a funnyman.

 Diverse Acting Roles

 Epps branched out into the area acting, playing in several movies during the late 2000s. He was a part of “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” (2008) with Martin Lawrence and an amazing “Hancock” (2008) together with Will Smith. In these scenes, he brought out his talent of acting comically and pathetically.

 Awards and Recognitions

 In 2011, Epps’ acting prowess was awarded with an NAACP Image Award, the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, for “Jumping the Broom” (2011). Gradually, he was nominated for countless other awards, which indicates that he has grown as one of the respected people in the entertainment industry.

 Transition to Non-Comedic Roles

 Epps has taken a major step by being cast in non comedic movies and particularly in “Sparkle” (2012) where he was the lead alongside Jordin Sparks and the late Whitney Houston. The role of Satin on which he portrayed the antagonist demonstrated his dedicated work and capacity for taking serious roles, thus expanding his acting range.

 Recent Film Projects

 The last few years of Epps have been astonishing regarding the mobility in the films such as “Dolemite Is My Name” (2019). Here, he has worked with Eddie Murphy. His other works in the movies like “Troop Zero” (2019) and “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” (2019) too show his variety as an actor.

 Stand-Up Comedy Career

Comedy remains a cornerstone of Epps’ career. He has released several stand-up specials, including “Under Rated & Never Faded” (2010), “Mike Epps: Don’t Take It Personal” (2015), and “Mike Epps: Only One Mike” (2019). His ability to connect with audiences through humor is a testament to his enduring appeal.

Recording and Music Career

Epps’ talents extend beyond comedy and acting. In October 2009, he released “Funny Bidness: Da Album,” featuring collaborations with artists like Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida. The album debuted at No. 98 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, highlighting his musical versatility.

Other Ventures

Epps’ influence extends to various other ventures. He served as the Super Bowl ambassador for his hometown, Indianapolis, during the 2012 Super Bowl. His involvement included commercial appearances and special appearances during the event, showcasing his pride and connection to his roots.

Legal Issues and Controversies

Despite his successes, Epps has faced legal issues and controversies. In 2014, he was accused of assaulting fellow comedian LaVar Walker. In 2017, he faced legal troubles again after an altercation in a New Orleans casino. These incidents have occasionally overshadowed his professional achievements.



 The Daniels Brothers’ incredible transformation from a teenage comedian in Indiana to a multifaceted entertainer in Los Angeles is simply astonishing. His successful stints in stand-up, movies and music further attest to his level of versatility and abilities. In spite of the challenges, Epps succeeds in both making people happy and bringing his audiences closer.


 What is Mike Epps’ fortune?

 Mike Epps’ net worth amounts to $5 million, derived from his comedy, acting, and music work over the years.

 Which are the roles of Mike Epps that the audience remember best?

 Epps’ best-known roles are from movies like “Next Friday”,”Friday After Next”,”All About the Benjamins”,” and “Jumping the Broom”.

 Is there any prize for Mike Epps?

 Indeed, Mike Epps, won the award of NAACP Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for the film “Jumping the Broom” in 2011.

 Which woman is Mike Epps married to?

 Mike Epps is hitched to Keisha Epps who by profession is a producer and executive at the OWN Network.

 Why exactly were some controversies connected with Mike Epps?

 Epps has face some legal matters like the one in 2014 where he found guilty of assaulting someone and another one in 2017 in New Orleans Casino.

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