Barry Williams Net Worth, who is most famous for his role as Greg Brady in the show “The Brady Bunch,” has had a varied and busy career which mainly focuses on the entertainment sector. As a child actor, and now with music and TV career behind him, Jaden Smith has acquired a decent net worth figure. This article will focus on Barry Williams’ wealth and salary in his career, from his initial days as a struggling musician to his later achievements.


Full Name Barry William Blenkhorn
Category Actor, Singer, Author
Nationality American
Net Worth $6 million
Birthdate September 30, 1954
Birthplace Santa Monica, California, USA
Gender Male
Parents Doris May Moore (Mother), Frank Millar Blenkhorn (Father)
Profession Actor, Singer, Author
Notable Roles Greg Brady on “The Brady Bunch”
Marital Status Married (currently to Tina Mahina)
Children Two (Eric Williams, Daughter with Elizabeth Kennedy)
Current Residence Branson, Missouri, USA
Early Career Television debut on “Dragnet 1967”
Major Works “The Brady Bunch”, “Growing Up Brady”, “Romance/Romance”
Broadway Debut “Romance/Romance”
Books “Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg”
Radio Show “The Real Greg Brady’s Totally ’70s Pop Quiz”


Early Life

Being born around 30th of September in the year 1954 in the city of Santa Monica, California, Barbary William Blankhorn, professionally known as Barry Williams, is the last among three sons. His mother and father, Doris May Moore and Frank Millar Blenkhorn, raised him on the scenic area of Pacific Palisades. The acting was something that from the days of his childhood Williams had a passion for that led him to make his TV debut when he was only 13 playing the role of a youngster in the episode called “Dragnet 1967′ that aired at Christmas.


Career Beginnings

The beginning of Barry Williams’s career was accompanied with him playing a bunch of guest starring roles on prime time television series. In 1967, he played the role in Adam-12, The Invaders, That Girl, Here Come the Brides and Gomer Pyle USMC, which helped him to display his acting abilities. The very roles were factors that laid the path for his big break, which was witnessed in 1969.


The Brady Bunch Era

In 69 a Barry Williams was selected to play Greg Brack, the oldest child of “The Brady Bunch. ” That show, which described the life of a blended family with six chilled, became a pop culture phenomenon. However, its impact has become legendary, despite the fact that it only aired for 5 years between 1969-1974. “The Brady Bunch” has transitioned into a beloved classic with aired reruns on numerous channels and production of numerous spin-offs and reunion specials.



Post-Brady Bunch Career

When The Brady Bunch was put to an end, Williams was confronted with the difficult task of being pigeonholed as Greg Brady. And in spite of this, he continued to get invited to play as a guest star on TV shows like “Three’s Company,” “Highway to Heaven,” and “General Hospital. “”Hannibal, a con artist from England, was one of his non-Brady roles but he did it well. “


Musical Theater Pursuits

In addition, Williams brought musical theater to her victories. He travelled with showings of “Grease,” “The Sound of Music,” “Pippin,” and “West Side Story. 

 Broadway and Beyond

In 1988, Barry Williams ventured into Broadway by filling in the lead male role which was vacated by Scott Bakula in the musical “Romance/Romance . “His performance numbered as stage actor Tony Award-nominee sidelined Alison Fraser prove the point. The same year, he was involved in “A Very Brady Christmas”, which was one of many Brid Bunch reunions.


Autobiography and Media Projects

In 1992, Williams released his autobiography, “Growing Up Brady: ‘I Was A Teenage Greg’, the song to be released together with Chris Keski. The memoir got to the New York Times bestseller list and in 2000 a TV movie based on it featuring Adam Brody in the star role of our hero was made. Beyond his unparalleled talent in music, the success of his autobiography demonstrated another string to his colorful bow.


Later Television Work

 Williams then took part in more television work in the 1990s and first half of 2000s. He played Manager Dean “The Machine” Strickland in the sitcom “Hollywood 7” and made cameo appearances in films like “Dickie Roberts: I, the child star of yesterday. ” Of course, it was his knack of making jokes about his old roles that proved to be a hit to the millennials and the new generation of fans.



Nightclub Act and Music Vocator.

 In the last few years, Barry Williams has come up with a cabaret show imitating his childhood years. He continues to tour with his band, Barry and the Travelers, giving performances in his current home, Branson, Missouri. The number of his fans still keeps increasing and he remains the charismatic performer of all times.


AirHobo Show and Present Work

 The radio is another area where Williams has own a share. He has his own trivia show, called “The Real Greg Brady’s Totally ’70s Pop Quiz,” on Sirius Satellite Radio. Along with the cast of “A Very Brady Renovation” on HGTV in 2019, he was reacquainting with his old “Brady Bunch” co-stars to renovate the famously Brady house.


The Assets and the Income Statement.

 Barry Williams’ net worth is estimated at around $6 million. The richness has been obtained over his eclectic occupancy which ranges from television to theater, music to writing. He is still involved in more than one business venture, which significantly enhances his wealth level.


Brady Bunch Salary Insights

 While “The Brady Bunch” was its heyday, the children each received a weekly salary of $1,100. Even though it was a great success then, the series did not get big fat checks from the syndication years later. However, the show’s long life span enabled Williams to stay in the public view, which helped her remain visible and relevant in the entertainment industry.


Personal Life

Barry Williams has married three times. He married with Diane Martin in 1990 and later separated in 1992. He had a son, Eric, with his second wife, Ella Mary Matt and they then divorced in 2005. Williams then had a romantic involvement with Elizabeth Kennedy who later gave birth to their daughter in 2012. In 2017 he married is the third wife, Tina Mahina.


Real Estate Ventures

In 1974, Barry Williams’ mother constructed a chic beachside home in Malibu, which they frequented for many years. In this year, Williams listed the 2,800-square-foot property and asked for $7 as its sale price. 15 million. He ended up selling it at an amount $5. 82 million in 2019. This real estate project played a big role on his fortune.


The transition of Barry Williams from being a child actor to an established news person is a proof of his talents and toughness. Despite the difficulties involved in being typecasted, he has successfully managed to develop a successful career in different film fields. Having a net fortune of $6 million, Williams still fills auditoriums while captivating and enlightening audiences everywhere.




How much is Barry Williams’s wealth?

Consequently, the net worth of Barry Williams is about $6 million and he has gathered it through appearing on TV, theater, music, and writing

 Would you like to know how much Barry Williams made from “The Brady Bunch”?

 At the show’s peak, Barry Williams was pulling in $1,100 per week as a salary. But the cast didn’t reap the rewards of the show’s popularity after the airing since the series was not rebroadcast.

 Which projects are Barry Williams currently engaged in?

 Today Barry Williams works as a leader of the band called Barry Williams and the Traveliers and host of the trivia show on Sirius Satellite Radio. And in “A Very Brady Renovation” (HGTV), he also made an appearance.

 Where is the Barry Willams residence?

 Barry Williams lives in Branson, Missouri, and he is frequently on call by the local theatres.

 Is any book written by Barry Williams?

 Yes, Barry Williams released his autobiography, “Growing Up Brady: Before Greg, ” I Was A Teenage Greg: A Jock-to-Nerd Story,” written in 1992 and later turned into a movie by the same name, became a New York Times bestseller.

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