All about loft conversion

First and foremost, if we define loft conversion then a loft conversion is as its name suggests the conversion process of a house loft. The loft is the most neglected place in the house, so it is better that you utilize that space for something useful.

For instance, you can turn your loft into additional storage space or even you can have an extra room at the place of the loft. However, you need to know it is not as simple as you think it is. You need to have the services of professionals to have the right work for your loft.

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Loft conversions are one of the best ways to add a chamber, master bedroom, office, or maybe a recording room to your home. Of course, they’ll additionally add worth to your property. Moreover, a loft conversion is the most cost-efficient mean of adding area, as compared to extending or adding a basement.

However, there are tons to contemplate before embarking on a loft conversion project. You need to make sure that you are hiring the right professionals and the right company for the work. That’s why it is vital to have it right in the first place.

With our in-depth guide we tend to answer your key queries – from Building laws, designing permission, and prices to the look – to confirm you get the absolute best out of your area.

Steps of loft conversion

There are a few steps or you could say protocols that you need to be careful about before the loft conversion. So, here is a brief overview of the steps that follow a typical loft conversion.

Roof Inspection

The first step in any loft conversion can generally involve your roof area being inspected for its quality in terms of a conversion going down. Once it involves what’s truly being inspected, there will be things like access, height, and other potential obstacles that might arise. As an example, chimney stacks or a water tank within the roof might build things a small amount additional sophisticated, however, will be self-addressed. 


Once the roof house has been assessed for quality it involves a loft conversion, ensuing this step typically involves an associate in designing or surveyor corroborating the loft’s quality for work to be allotted too. Additionally, the designer or surveyor also will take into thought whether or not the building itself is adequate to take the value-added load that’s generally concerned in a very conversion.


Once this step has been allotted, the plans are drawn by the designer or surveyor, and this can be additionally an opportunity for you and your team to urge a radical understanding of what your prices are, and the way you’ll be able to probably cut the value of sure things by carrying these out yourself on a DIY basis.

Loft clearance

Once you have additionally got Building management approval (this will be sorted out yourself or by the surveyor or creator you have got hired) then it’s potential for work to induce the loft conversion. The first step during this individual method is clearing the loft of the house. This includes things like moving water storage tanks, or chimney stacks to create the space for the extension work.


The next step during a loft conversion project lot of typically than not involves searching for electrical wiring and assessing rigorously what has to be done to make certain that safety isn’t jeopardized.

Floor layout 

This part of the loft conversion method can involve making certain that the whole area is 

fully insulated to a depth of 10mm. After this, joists are lined with floorboards, providing that a Building management examination has already taken place. The following step involves floorboards then being commanded in situ with screws.

After this step rafters are reinforced, the staircase is installed and other things are considered to give the end picture of your loft.

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