Instagram wall has become a non-negotiable in boosting marketing these days. Marketers understand this, but there is another dilemma that concerns and that is selecting the best Instagram wall. This is a genuine dilemma that marketers face, given the number of Instagram wall tools available in the market. 

In this piece of content, we have mentioned the top Instagram

wall that helps a business or business boost its marketing efforts.

Top Instagram Walls For A Marketing Boost


Taggbox is a fantastic tool for aggregating social media and user-generated content that allows users to gather, curate, and present content on numerous platforms. By choosing their preferred connection type, the users can aggregate the content. They can gather content by employing handles, hashtags, mentions, and other methods.

The software also gives customers various customization choices to improve the appearance of the wall. In addition, users can enhance the visual appeal of their content by using their favorite layouts, templates, fonts, and colors.

Users can delete any offensive content from the social wall using the advanced moderation panel, helping to maintain high-quality content during the event.

Brands can monitor the social wall’s effectiveness at virtual events thanks to the tool’s analytics component.

Users can monitor overall impressions, behavioral analysis, and other significant information to understand the Instagram wall functioning in-depth.

Additionally, Taggbox provides 12+ high-end themes for events, and the studio function enables you to display additional content in addition to your social walls, such as a live stream, a weather forecast, and a website.


Tagboard is the platform for Instagram walls that benefits the most from hashtags. You may select which posts to display on your displays, communicate live with your audience, and moderate material. 

Tagboard Live is one of the most brilliant features of this tool which enables you to quickly construct new tagboards to showcase current subjects and uncover the most recent hashtag posts across all social media networks

Additionally, you can alter the arrangement of your tagboard in several ways to better accommodate varying venue sizes. Finally, get the most recent and top-quality hashtag content displayed unaltered and clearly.


Have participants swiftly answer surveys or questions on your mobile site using their cellphones if you want them to participate more in your event. Then, put their answers and questions on display and provide real-time results using the information gathered from the Q&A. Attendees won’t always need to use microphones to ask questions when using PresentersWall to communicate with your speaker.

Save all of these outcomes and make improvements for the subsequent event. For example, tracking replies for my upcoming presentations would be pretty helpful.


If you are looking for engaging social media promotions for your next event, Woobox offers you a solution. It’s a popular third-party app for creating Facebook contests. This app suite covers an array of apps, including Sweepstakes, Coupons, and Photo and Video Contests. 

Woobox makes it pretty easy to launch and manage a giveaway for your event or brand on your website. In addition, it helps in converting fans into customers using custom tabs, contests and coupons.


At one point, Flickr was the undisputed champion in the image hosting sector, with millions of members and billions of photographs submitted daily. All you have to do to get participants to post images from your event is to set up an official Flickr gallery. Then, run a “Photo of the Day” contest and give out awards. Additionally, showcasing them on your Instagram wall will be very interesting.

In addition to 500px and Instagram, there is Flickr. You can build and share the album for your event using Dropbox, Moments, and many more services.

You can gather and display the most significant articles, pictures, or videos from more than 15 social media networks with, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, with the help of its moderating features, it is simple to stop abuse and choose what is displayed. While this is happening, the wall looks fantastic, thanks to the customizable style editor.

It can be used independently on displays at occasions or locations, or it can be included as a widget on websites, mobile devices, or through the API.


A platform for user-generated content that also finds valuable content on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok. It provides comfort by assisting in obtaining digital rights over UGC for an Instagram wall.

You can easily avoid undesirable content and choose the best-presented content thanks to its moderation features.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms, and bringing it into marketing through an Instagram wall would benefit your business. However, every Instagram wall is different, and so is every Instagram tool. So, depending on your business style and objectives, select an Instagram tool and get on with your marketing strategy. Guaranteed results will follow.