How to Make a Fun Haunted House for Kids and Families There’s so much to love about Halloween, from viewing scary movies to pumpkin carving, dressing up in a costume, and throwing the best Halloween party. But perhaps this year you want to go all out for the eerie season and have been wondering how to construct a haunted house. Where do you even start? Or, for that matter, end? How can you make it enjoyable for all ages while not boring the older children to tears? Is it necessary to invest a lot of money to create a wonderful haunted house? It may appear to be a daunting task, but we checked with two designers who have been building haunted houses for years. You’ll discover their greatest ideas for creating a haunting atmosphere in your house and garden, as well as suggestions on where to get accessories and decorations. Also, if you want to inform people about your idea of building a haunted house, or after building the house, you just want to invite your family and friends, use these Halloween Flyer Templates. 

How does one go about turning a house into a haunted house?

Let us begin from the beginning to create the best Halloween plays for the kids at your Halloween haunted house. If you’re creating a haunted house for smaller children, don’t make the entryway overly frightening. You may create an atmosphere with fog machines and corn stalk décor, but make sure the space around your entrance is open and inviting, not claustrophobic—it should also be well-lit. You should also keep the scenarios you set within your house bright so that children can see everything and the lights aren’t immediately focused on something frightening.

“With kids, it’s more about allowing them to look at everything honestly,”  “Typically, an adult haunt should be rather chaotic. You want to be afraid of who will leap out next and what will happen around the next curve. Children, on the other hand, must see everything and be receptive to it. You want to invite them into your scene. You don’t want to rush your scenario.”


To construct a ticket booth, cut a huge hole in a refrigerator box. Dress up one of your actors as a clown and hide them behind the ticket counter. Allow children to participate in carnival games such as bean bag tossing, mini bowling, Pick a Duck, and others. Bubbles floating around the landscape provide a festive touch, especially if they smell like cotton candy!


Fill shelves with used children’s books from thrift stores. Dress up one of your actors as a wizard who lets the children choose a book to take home with them. Simple wands can also be made as take-home presents. Knot twine to one end of a stick and glue or tie artificial stones to the other end.


Purchase a few hay bales, pumpkins, and corn stalks and use them to decorate a space. Spread hay on the floor and place spider’s nests in the room’s corners. Make an actor look like a scarecrow by using basic makeup and a costume. You could easily extend this concept outside to create a spooky barnyard.

What are some suggestions for a kid-friendly haunted house?

After all, the goal is to entertain children rather than to give them nightmares.

On actors, use cosmetics rather than masks.

Masks might be a little frightening for some youngsters since they don’t see a human being behind them. “It’s difficult for them to approach if they don’t see a human face.”

Speak in a natural tone of voice.

“When we do an adult haunt, we want to be creative with our voices and tones, whereas a youngster would not,”  “Instead, we speak to them in our usual voice and invite them to come in and look around.”

Give them something to take home with them.

“Kids prefer to have something to take with them that isn’t simply sweets,” such as a star or insect stickers or cardboard cut-outs of tombstones they can decorate at home.

Make use of more than one sense.

“Over the years, I’ve seen that both youngsters and adults desire to smell, feel, and even taste,”  “We’ve used cake batter, so they could smell it was sweet, but the texture was almost like brains… and obviously stuff like the mud pudding cups with the gummy worms in it.”

How do you create a spooky haunted house?

If you want older kids to enjoy your haunt as much as younger ones, you must provide them with a satisfyingly frightening experience. Consider building several paths in your home and allowing your guests to choose between less eerie and truly spooky routes. “Sometimes, having many crossroads is wonderful because the kids may say that wasn’t that terrifying, I want to try a tougher one,”  “So you’re dividing it up and letting people choose what they want to see that way.”

If you don’t have enough rooms in your house to build that many unique scenarios, you can make walls out of white sheets and even spray paint them with backdrop scenery if you’re feeling very creative. On the eerie side, add extra blood, full-face Halloween masks, and maybe a ghoul or two peeking out of secret areas. Decorate whole rooms when possible, as Pearce did with this amazing dining room she created with thrift shop finds.

Display a terrifying portrait.

Purchase an antique painting, make holes in it, and then paint fake blood trickling from the holes. You get bonus points if you use the eyes as holes. “The same concept might be used to a low-cost portrait print that you don’t mind punching holes in,” Pearce adds.

Display some doll heads.

Buy some spooky old dolls, pop their heads off, then hang them from the ceiling at various heights with fishing lines.

Place a skeleton on the ground.

Place a skeleton at the dining room table if you have one. Remove the heads of several old Barbie-sized dolls and set them in a Halloween bowl with a spoon in front of the skeleton. “It seems like the skeleton is devouring a dish of Barbie heads like cereal,” Pearce adds.

How does one go about creating an outdoor haunted house?

Why stop your haunted house at your own house when you can continue it in your own backyard? Begin by placing Halloween inflatables at the entryway to guide people into the outdoor space. From there, you may make a variety of Halloween outdoor decorations by yourself! A graveyard is a lot of fun and easy to produce: you can make crosses out of wood and twine, and gravestones out of cardboard and spray paint. In your graveyard, place an actor disguised as a ghost to point to the next set.

“Paint a sheet with Halloween images and throw it over an old tent,” she suggests. “Kids can crawl under the tent, and on the other side, an actor can narrate campfire stories.” Instead of starting a real fire, keep it safe with a cardboard campfire that you can buy or construct yourself.

The most essential thing to remember while building your haunt is to “let your imagination run wild and have fun,” adding that “it t all depends on how you want to design your haunted house.”

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