Among the seduction techniques of the era of digital communication and social media, virtual courtship occupies a prominent place. If you want to know how to attract a man online, don’t miss our tips.


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The smartphone is an additional and powerful weapon of seduction, but you have to know how to make good use of it.

Flirting online is a fun game, but it has some very specific rules, and if you don’t know or ignore them, you risk being downloaded in the blink of a button!

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Men who are in high demand enjoy the thrill of hunting on some level. It’s good to be aggressive and start a conversation with a man.

Choose the right photos

If you want to know how to attract a man online, your photos are above all the most important thing you should focus on.

Everyone can look attractive or unattractive depending on the photo. Here are some tips to make sure your social media photos look better for attracting a man online:

  • The main photo of you should be smiling and without sunglasses or face filters.
  • Don’t include photos of yourself with other people.
  • Include a full body take
  • Photos of you traveling or engaging in outdoor activities should be included.
  • Make sure the lighting and background are good.

 We all know that variety is commonly known as the spice of life, and the same goes for your photos to attract a man online. We recommend posting a handful of photos or so and selecting photos of yourself in different poses and engaging in different activities.

To attract a man online, consider having professional photos in this link.

Consider taking pictures to attract a professional man online, yes that’s one thing!

This is especially important if you don’t have photos that meet the above requirements.

Even if you simply don’t have photos where you look your best, it would be worth considering a professional shot. I’ve seen clients improve their profile and be able to attract a man online simply by getting better photos.

If you want an even more eye-catching effect, combine a profile photo and a presentation phrase  in strong contrast . For example, if the former is sensual, the latter may have a playful tone.

If a photo shoot from a professional is out of the question, don’t panic. Even just having a friend take some pictures of you outside on a nice day will be better than posting ones where you aren’t your best.

Have a well written profile

While the text written on your profile doesn’t have the same impact as your photos, it’s still an important aspect of how to attract a man online.

There are millions of women online and almost all of them look identical. This is because people have similar personality traits and interests on paper, even though most people have drastically different personalities.

The key is to bring out these personality traits and interests by avoiding clich├ęs, providing unique information to readers, and showing your true personality. Don’t just show your fun, be fun. Don’t just say you love adventure; create a visualization of your latest adventure. The same goes for chats. Avoid asking boring questions in small talk that get you confused with every other girl. If you want a guy to notice, stand out from the crowd and show that you are a unique individual with a lot to offer.

The best way to write about yourself and attract a man online is to make sure you’re specific. Saying that you like “hiking” is much less interesting than saying that you have climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Even if you’re not that adventurous, saying that you like  to wear hiking boots and walk paths to have a picnic lunch  ”  on top of the mountain”  is much more attention-grabbing than saying “I like hiking”.