Brief overview of Elise Finch’s impactful career

Elise Finch Cause of Death, Elise Finch served for the CBS television station WCBS-TV in New York for more than sixteen years of her life. She was born in Mount Vernon, New York On February 24, 1972. She was a meteorological expert and her skills and experties were accepted and valued a lot. This is why she was honoured to win the esteemed Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Show Weathercaster in 2015.The sad news of Elise Finch’s was that she left this martial world suddenly in a strange way which shocked her followers in a deep sorrow. She died on July 17, 2023 at the age of  51 years. 

Early life in Mount Vernon

Elise started her early education in  Mount Vernon High School at Mount Vernon. She did her Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from Georgetown University. She had a lot of passion for meteorology and returned to school after graduating from Syracuse University with a Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism.

Professional Career

16-year dedication to CBS New York affiliate WCBS-TV

Elise’s professional career soared as she dedicated herself to CBS New York.She gained recognition for her meteorological knowledge and rose to prominence in the field. The culmination of 16 years of dedication and success was the Emmy Award, among other honours.

Accolades and honours, such as the 2015 Emmy Award

It was not insignificant that Elise Finch contributed to the early weather reporting. She was a prominent meteorologist, and this is why she was awarded the 2015 Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Show Weathercaster.


Personal Life: Family and Marriage

Love story with fellow professional Graig Henriques

Graig Henriques, a photojournalist and colleague at WCBS-TV, captured Elise’s heart, and their personal and professional lives eventually came together. Their story started in the newsroom and culminated in August 2013 with a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Untermeyer Conservatory Gardens in Yonkers, New York.

Wedding ceremony details at Untermeyer Conservatory Gardens

The serene setting of Untermeyer Conservatory Gardens witnessed the union of Elise Finch and Graig Henriques. Within the walls of the newsroom, their love story evolved into a lifetime commitment.

Elise Finch Cause of Death

Overview of the unexpected passing on July 17, 2023

Prominent meteorologist Elise Finch abruptly left the planet on that awful day. Her death’s circumstances are still unknown, which has led to debates and conjectures.

Speculations on the cause, possibly a heart attack or stroke

Numerous publications speculate that Elise Finch may have passed away from a significant cardiovascular condition, such as a heart attack or stroke. Her close friends suspect that she may have passed away from a heart attack or catastrophic stroke.


Elise Finch Heart Attack

 Reports on the possibility of a major cardiovascular ailment

News sources indicate that Elise Finch’s sudden demise may be attributed to a major cardiovascular issue. The details, however, remain unclear, contributing to the perplexity surrounding her untimely death.

 Mention of suspicions regarding a stroke or massive heart attack

While the exact cause remains elusive, some sources close to Elise Finch express suspicions about a stroke or a massive heart attack being the contributing factors. The uncertainty adds to the overall complexity of the situation.

Family Ties: Graig Henriques and Grace

 Graig’s professional connection at WCBS-TV

Graig Henriques, Elise’s husband, shared not only a personal but also a professional connection at WCBS-TV. Their shared dedication to journalism and meteorology created a unique bond that extended beyond their personal lives.

 Introduction of their daughter, Grace Henriques, born in 2016

The love between Elise Finch and Graig Henriques manifested in the arrival of their daughter, Grace Henriques, on November 23, 2016. At just six years old, Grace became a living testament to Elise’s enduring legacy.


Reflection on Elise Finch’s vibrant career

Elise Finch’s vibrant career, marked by accolades and dedication, met an abrupt end, leaving admirers in sorrow. Her impact on meteorology and journalism remains etched in the memories of those she inspired.

Impact on meteorology and journalism, symbolized by awards

Her contributions to the American Meteorological Society and the receipt of the Emmy Award symbolize a life dedicated to the art and science of weather reporting. In honoring her memory, we recognize the fragility of life and the lasting influence of a remarkable meteorologist.


A. What awards did Elise Finch receive during her career?

Throughout her career, Elise Finch won a number of honours; the most prestigious was the 2015 Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Show Weathercaster.

B. How did Elise Finch and Graig Henriques meet?

Elise Finch and Graig Henriques met in the newsroom at WCBS-TV, where their professional connection blossomed into a romantic relationship.

C. Why did Elise Finch pass away so quickly?

Although the precise cause of Elise Finch’s untimely death on July 17, 2023, is still unknown, there have been theories including a potential heart attack or stroke.

D. What is known about Elise Finch’s family life?

Elise Finch’s family life was intertwined with her professional one. She married Graig Henriques, a fellow professional at WCBS-TV, and they had a daughter named Grace Henriques in 2016.

E. How is Elise Finch remembered in meteorological circles?

Elise Finch is remembered in meteorological circles for her significant contributions to the field and her impact on weather reporting. Her legacy continues to inspire aspiring meteorologists.


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