Many people who drive or ride on India’s roads are worried about their safety. According to “ the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app” in 2019, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways reported 449,002 traffic accidents in India. As a result, there were 151,113 fatalities and 451,361 injuries. Every hour, 17 people are killed and 51 are injured in traffic accidents in India.

The Ministry of Transport has announced the launch of a road safety guidance app to help drivers stay safe on the roads. Real-time information about traffic patterns, potential road dangers, posted speed limits, current weather conditions, and emergency services will be included in the software. The road safety navigation software will also alert users to traffic law and regulation violations such as speeding, running red lights, driving under the influence of alcohol, and so on.

The ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app that can help users navigate safely on the roads. This app will offer real-time traffic updates, warnings of potential road dangers and posted speed limits.

The app can also encourage drivers to adhere to driving laws, reducing accidents and making the roads safer for everyone. It can also provide information on alternative routes, enabling users to avoid high-risk areas. The Ministry of Transport Will Launch a Road Safety Navigation App: Features

The ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app that will assist drivers in staying safe on the roads. The app will provide real-time information about traffic patterns and hazards, as well as offer alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion and accidents. It will also alert drivers when they are approaching speed limits, helping to reduce accidents caused by overspeeding.

The app will also feature offline maps and voice-guided directions, allowing users to navigate safely even in areas with poor connectivity. It will also provide alerts about accident-prone zones and warn drivers of speed cameras, sharp curves, and pedestrian crossings.

The app will encourage user feedback and continuous improvements, ensuring that it meets the needs of its users. This will help to reduce the number of road accidents and create safer driving conditions for all. The app is expected to be available for iOS and Android devices later this year. It will be free to download and use.


Among other features, this app offers road safety alerts that help drivers to stay safe on the roads. It also gives real-time data on accidents and other road conditions, allowing users to plan their routes accordingly.

This way, the app can reduce traffic congestion and accidents by providing alternative routes for drivers to reach their destination safely. Additionally, it can also notify drivers when they are approaching areas with high accident rates, thus lowering the number of road accidents.

Another advantage is that this navigation app can provide users with information about the best public transportation options for reaching their destinations. This feature will save time and money for commuters while promoting the use of sustainable transport.

In addition to reducing road accidents, this app will benefit the economy by lowering fuel consumption and avoiding unnecessary pollution. It will also encourage users to share information about upcoming hazards on the roads with other app users, further reducing traffic accidents and road safety risks.


The app can help reduce the number of road accidents by providing real-time traffic information and warnings. It can also offer alternative routes that are safer and more efficient. Its emergency button can alert nearby authorities to any incidents or accidents that might occur. It can also allow drivers to report hazards or accidents that they encounter during their journey.

In addition to improving safety, the app can also help save time and fuel by recommending routes that avoid heavy traffic or construction areas. It can also alert drivers to any weather or environmental conditions that might make their drive more dangerous.

Moreover, the app can be integrated with other transportation services and providers to promote collaboration and safety. This includes ride-hailing companies, public transit systems, and bike-sharing services. It can also be compatible with existing navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze. It can also be updated regularly based on user feedback to improve its performance and features.

The Ministry of Transportation is planning to launch a road safety navigation app.

The software will evaluate data acquired from numerous sources, including GPS, cameras, sensors, and user feedback, using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. This road safety app will also employ gamification tactics to reward users with points, medals, or vouchers for following road safety guidelines. It will also contain a social media component where users can share their road safety stories and tips.

The Ministry of Transport thinks that the program would lower the incidence of road accidents and fatalities in India by instilling a culture of road safety among drivers. The Road Safety app will be available for free download on Android and iOS by the end of this year. This program will work with all vehicle types, including automobiles, bicycles, buses, and trucks.

The app is part of the government’s effort to make India’s roads safer and more technologically savvy. The government has also created National Road Safety Month every January and formed a National Road Safety Board to advise the government on road safety policies and regulations, in addition to executing the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019, which enhanced fines for traffic infractions.


In addition to helping users navigate through traffic-prone areas, the app also provides information on road conditions and hazards. It can even warn drivers about speed limits, which can help reduce the number of accidents caused by overspeeding.

The ministry of transport’s plan to launch a road safety navigation app is an important step in reducing road accidents and improving road safety for all. However, it is important to remember that road safety is still the responsibility of individual drivers. Therefore, it is essential to use the app only when driving and not while using other electronic devices.

By offering a variety of features, the app can provide drivers and passengers with a safer and more enjoyable travel experience. While it does face some challenges, implementing transparency and accountability among partners can help address these issues. In addition, ensuring that the app is available in multiple languages can promote inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. Finally, integrating the app with other transportation services and providers can encourage more people to use it and support safer roads.

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