Behrens 6-Gallon Steel Locking Lid Trash Can

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  • Behrens: A stronger and longer lasting alternative to plastic, these locking containers are 100% Recyclable, manufactured with 100% sustainable materials, and Made in Winona, Minnesota USA
  • These metal locking lid storage containers with heavy gauge steel wire bails are durable, made for heavy loads, and easy to carry and transport dry contents. Ideal for dry pet and livestock food, bird feed and seed, charcoal, wood chips, ice melt, and sand
  • Each metal can with locking lid is designed to be multi-use, with superior structure and strength
  • Featuring an offset bottom to keep the can off the ground, Behrens locking lid cans are rodent, rust and odor proof. 100% recyclable. 0% petroleum used in production: won’t leach toxins into bird seed or pet food like plastics
  • Built with the highest quality material, the galvanized steel cans with locking lids are Built for Now. Made to Last.

Weight                 4.06 lbs

Dimensions        14 × 14 × 15 in

Collections         Metalware Classics, Lawn & Garden, Cleaning & Organizing, Pet & Bird, Camping & Barbeque, Hearth & Home, Farm & Ag

Color   Steel Gray

Material              Smooth Galvanized Steel

Shape  Round

Capacity (Metric Liter)   22

Country of Origin             USA

Capacity (U.S. Gallon)    6


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