Mark Rober Net Worth, A popular YouTube personality, inventor, and engineer named Mark Rober possess a net worth of $15 million. He has worked hard to be practically an Internet celebrity nowadays, predominantly due to his YouTube channel where he posts videos on various topics related to science and crafting. Rober was not a millionaire before gaining popularity on social media; However, he had a well-paid job at NASA as an engineer for 9 years and became a crucial member of the Mars Curiosity. He studied industrial design for 4 years at Apple as part of the Special Projects team focusing on products.


Full Name Mark Rober
Category YouTuber, Inventor, Engineer
Nationality American
Net Worth $15 million
Birthdate 1980
Birthplace Orange County, California, USA
Gender Male
Profession YouTuber, Inventor, Engineer
Education Brigham Young University (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering)
University of Southern California (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering)
Notable Employers NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Apple Inc. (Special Projects Group)
Major Projects Curiosity Rover, Mars Science Laboratory, #TeamTrees, #TeamSeas
Residence Sunnyvale, California, USA
Family Married with one son
Advocacy Autism awareness

Early Life and Education

Mark Rober was born in 1980 or 1981 in Orange County, California but he grew up in the peninsula area of Bellwood, California and he had a childhood dream of becoming an engineer. His curiosity and inventiveness were evident from childhood his very first invention which he did during his childhood was goggles to prevent his eyes watering while chopping onions. In order to continue with his passion towards the field of engineering, Rober had to attend Brigham Young University to complete his degree in mechanical engineering. He pursued with his studies in the University of Southern California and he acquired his master’s degree in the given field.

Career Beginnings

In 2004 Rober started his work as a member of the staff of the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Looking at his work experience, he served the company for nine years, actively participating in the work on the Curiosity rover project for seven years with the mission to examine Mars’ Gale crater. Rober also rated various other missions such as Mars Science Laboratory, The Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory and the Soil Moisture Active Passive. In his tenure at NASA, he was instrumental in building the knowledge sharing tool; the JPL Wired group and writing a case, JPL Wired: Preservation of Employee Knowledge Within High Technology Organizations.

Transition to YouTube

Rober while at NASA was getting into the spirit of creating YouTube videos where he did covers a variety of topics such as pranks, escape room, water purification and sand fluidization. More than that in October 2011 the man posted his first video where he presented a Halloween costume he made himself: the latter replicated the image of a transparent man using two iPads. It could not remain hidden for long and was viewed for more than a million times on this single day. This event heralded the start of his popular YouTube channel that accesses millions of viewers and subscribers now.

The elaborated video was posted in December 2018, which Robert made a prank to the package thieves by setting a glitter bomb that explodes by sending a foul smell and glitter when opened. It also be prominent and become paramount within twenty four hours garnering 25 million viewership. Ever since then, in over two years of time, he developed advanced versions of the glitter bomb for better functioning and targeting.

Major Projects and Collaborations

With over 10m subscribers, Rober collaborated with another fellow YouTuber MrBeast in October 2019 to initialize a fundraising campaign namely #TeamTrees with an ultimate goal of planting 20 million trees across the globe. Through the initiative made towards the mobilization of funds, the campaign was able to garner $23. It intensified this by planting trees in different parts and place in the world such as Brazil, Canada, China& Kenya by early of December 2020, with trees planted touching 6 million. Following this success, Rober and MrBeast pooled their resources for #TeamSeas in 2021, with the aim of raising $30 million for cleaning oceans and sea shores, with each dollar spent representing one pound of debris cleared.

Other Ventures

Rober came into the light after uploading a Halloween video in 2011; subsequently, he created the business of Digital Dudz, an online business that deals with app integration in Halloween costumes. The company earned $250,000 in its first three weeks of operation and was able to penetrate new distribution channels like Party City by first half of the year 2013. Digital Dudz costumes are well known in the media world, and they have been shown in channels such as CNN and Discovery Channels. In 2013, Rober divested the company to UK-based Morphsuits, which is a leading provider of fancy dress costumes.

Rober was inspired by his other YouTube video, and to entrap the scammers and capture the moments on video, he enlisted the help of software engineer Jim Browning and several police forces. And yes, he has also written for Men’s Health, has spoken at different TEDx events, and has been on Jimmy Kimmel Live! more than once. He also appeared in TV show on ‘Priced Right’ on the Discovery Channel and Jimmy Kimmel.

After that, from 2015 to 2020, he was working for Apple, in a special projects group and his specialization was in car interfaces for self-driving cars, in terms of entertainment. During this period, he filed for two patents on the application of virtual reality relativity.

Personal Life

Mark Rober resides in Sunnyvale, California, with his lovely wife and adorable son. Subsequent to his son’s diagnosis, he has embarked on refocused advocacy for autism with the especial aim of raising awareness and offering support to sufferers of the condition.

The story of Mark Rober, transitioning from a NASA engineer to a renowned YouTube channel creator, proves that it is always possible to innovate if one invests time and effort into it. Not only has his talent of making science appealing and entertaining let him become a millionaire but also a socially significant personality in the field of popular sciences.


Mark Rober’s journey from a NASA engineer to a YouTube sensation with a net worth of $15 million exemplifies creativity, innovation, and perseverance. Leveraging his engineering background, Rober creates engaging and educational content that resonates with millions. His notable projects, including the Curiosity rover, viral YouTube videos, and fundraising campaigns like #TeamTrees and #TeamSeas, showcase his unique ability to blend science with entertainment and social impact. Living in Sunnyvale, California, Rober also advocates for autism awareness, inspired by his son’s diagnosis. His entrepreneurial ventures and collaborations with figures like MrBeast and Jimmy Kimmel further highlight his versatility and influence across various fields, making him an inspiring figure globally.


What is Mark Rober’s net worth?

Mark Rober’s net worth is approximately $15 million.

What did Mark Rober do at NASA?

Mark Rober worked on the development of the Curiosity rover and other missions at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

What are Mark Rober’s most notable YouTube projects?

Mark Rober is known for his viral glitter bomb pranks and collaborative fundraising campaigns i.e TeamTrees and TeamSeas.

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