Large industrial fans, or HVLS fans, have a diameter of six feet or more. These fans are made to move a lot of air by using air streams. The fan pushes conical-shaped air downward to the floor below by pulling air from above.

These very effective, economical business ceiling fans are used in warehouses, distribution centres, gymnasiums, and a number of other applications.

Rite-HVLS By revolving at an ideal low speed, Hite’s industrial fans distribute the moist air across the widest area for the least amount of money.

HVLS fans Singapore offer year-round advantages by making the surroundings more pleasant while using less energy.

In the winter, they may be used for destratification, which entails blending warm air from the ceiling with colder air from the floor. They keep people cool in the summer.

With the Fan-Commander Wireless Touch Screen Control Station, users can control the year-round operation of Rite-Hite HVLS fans within a single industrial or commercial space, maximising the energy savings and comfort they offer.

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What sets Evel HVLS supporters apart from everyone else?

Evel HVLS Fan Motors. Due to recent modifications in European energy efficiency standards, EC (electronically commutated) motors are now used to power a large number of equipment.

Unquestionably more efficient and controllable than earlier AC induction motors are brushless motors.

The direct drive, brushless EC-type motors for the Evel HVLS fans are a good feature.

There are only a shaft and a fan hub assembly, with no belts or gearboxes in between.

It takes some getting used to the fact that the motor of the largest fan in the range rotates at the same speed as the fan blades, which is 50 rpm, when you’re used to 4 pole induction motors that spin at roughly 1450 rpm when under load.

What’s more unsettling is that this is only its top speed; if necessary, it can be made to spin much more slowly by applying a 0-10v control signal.

These motors start off beautifully, like a Rolls Royce gradually accelerating to a walking pace. load torque at a very slow rate.

Only a few sizes of motors are offered; larger fans receive the larger motor, while smaller fans receive the smaller motor.

The clever part is that each motor is installed and set up to operate in line with the fan size and blade profile. To achieve maximum performance, a motor must be configured with a variety of features specific to each type of fan.

Because the HVLS fan supplier in Singapore brushless motor can be interrogated remotely and its operating characteristics compared to design values, as well as the temperature of the casing and shaft, this is useful for periodic checks and also in the remote event that it fails. Each full fan can be connected to the internet via a controller.