Are you Looking for a quick and easy method to start selling on Amazon without investing a lot of time or money? Amazon dropshipping is the solution!

If you ask an experienced e-commerce merchant about the best way to start selling things online without investing a lot of money or effort, they will most likely recommend dropshipping.

This article will cover the following topics:

  • Take into account the most current upgrades.
  • What is the process of Amazon dropshipping?
  • Amazon Dropshipping: Benefits and Drawbacks

  What is the best method to get started with Amazon dropshipping?

 Here are five pointers to help you succeed with dropshipping on Amazon.

Amazon dropshipping has lately altered.

To prevent having your Amazon dropshipping account terminated, please ensure that you properly grasp Amazon’s drop shipping regulations before you begin dropshipping anything.

On May 21, 2021, Amazon emailed all merchants in Seller Central, alerting them that their policy page had been amended to ensure that all dropshipping suppliers understood Amazon’s stringent criteria.

If you violate the rules in any manner, your account may be suspended, or your selling rights on FBM may be canceled.

When employing a drop shipper to fill orders, you must follow the guidelines mentioned below. All invoices, packing slips, exterior packaging, and other product-related paperwork must name you as the seller. The proposal should not contain your supplier or manufacturer.

You are responsible for returns, and you must accept and handle them. • Seller agreements oblige you to follow all of Amazon’s laws and regulations.

Purchase items from another online retailer and have them mailed to your customer – do not do this! Your account will be suspended if you break Amazon’s terms of service in this manner.

Customers will be irritated and perplexed if they purchase something from Amazon and receive it from Walmart. Instead, you can participate in retail arbitrage, which involves purchasing an item from a different shop, such as Walmart, and reselling it on Amazon — as long as there is no mention to Walmart on the packing slip or packaging.

The seller places orders through drop shipping on behalf of a manufacturer, distributor, or supplier. When a customer purchases a product, the seller hires a supplier to complete the sale and fulfill the order.

How does Amazon dropshipping work?

Dropshippers commonly rebrand the things they sell as their own, so the end-user has no knowledge of the items originally originated from the manufacturer. This strategy is used by e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Although it may appear confusing at first, we’ve simplified it to help you understand how it works and how you can begin dropshipping in 2022.

Amazon dropshipping is discussed in further detail below, but here’s a brief example to get you started:

1. When a consumer purchases a product from Amazon, the process begins with an Amazon customer (on the left of the diagram).

2. If all goes well, you’ll purchase your product from the provider (on the right side of the figure) and supply them with customer information.

3. Finally, after obtaining the buyer’s contact information, the provider distributes the goods to the customer.

Dropshipping from a supplier of print-on-demand

Print-on-demand is a popular dropshipping strategy.

Print-on-demand may promote customized items such as t-shirts, mugs, posters, and novels. The vendor then makes and sends the item individually for you when you purchase.

Third-party businesses created print-on-demand goods to fill the void left by Disney’s decision to discontinue Baby Yoda merchandise in late 2019.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of dropshipping on Amazon versus other selling methods?


A wholesaler buys in bulk from a supplier to resell to another retailer or distribute as a retailer. Still, a private label is a means of producing your products to sell on Amazon. Both methods are known as “wholesaling.”

On the other hand, dropshipping via Amazon provides several advantages over wholesale and private labels.

Low-cost starting up

You do not need to own your Inventory with dropshipping, as you would with private label or wholesale. As an alternative, when the consumer pays you for the transaction, you spend a portion of the money to buy and send the product to your buyer.

The setup time is really short.

Because you don’t require your Inventory, dropshipping on Amazon is quick and easy to set up. After all, you don’t have to sit around and wait for your items to be manufactured and shipped to the fulfillment location. Everything is now ready to go. Locate a consumer and strike a bargain!

A computer-based company.

Dropshipping on Amazon may be completely automated using several web tools and plugins. As a result, running a Dropshipping company won’t take up much of your time.

Amazon allows for dropshipping.

According to Amazon’s policy, dropshipping is “generally acceptable.” However, make sure you follow Amazon’s specific dropshipping guidelines.

It was a breeze to research this subject.

You may sell items that have already been created and delivered from a manufacturer to your consumers using Amazon Dropshipping. As a consequence, you can use tools like Jungle Scout – an all-in-one Amazon selling platform – to see how other Amazon sellers are doing with that product. Starting your dropshipping e-commerce business with an edge gives you an advantage over the competitors.

What are the disadvantages of using Amazon dropshipping?

There are certain negatives to bear in mind, no matter how fantastic it appears in terms of benefits.


Because dropshipping has minimal entry barriers, competition may be strong. Furthermore, even if your items differ from other Amazon sellers, this does not preclude them from offering similar ones.

Pricing is the only lever you have to use to separate yourself from the competitors, resulting in a price war.

Delivery times are lengthy.

Amazon dropshipped products are commonly shipped straight from suppliers or manufacturers. These sellers are widely found in different nations.


As a result, shipping times from international vendors might range from several weeks to months.

There is no quality control.

Because the product is transported directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, there is no way for you to monitor its quality.

When anything travels over 10,000 miles to its final destination, it’s simple to see how it may be harmed.

How to Begin Selling as a Dropshipper on Amazon

Now that you know more about the procedure, the following stages will teach you how to set yourself up as an Amazon drop shipper.

The first step in the procedure is to open an Amazon seller account.

If you wish to sell things on Amazon, you’ll need an Amazon seller account. If you’re looking for one, go to Amazon will allow you to begin with either an individual or a professional account.

Step 2: Find a high-demand product yet little competition.

You may find high-demand/low-competition product possibilities using technologies like Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder. I recommend starting your search for such products and services with the following metrics:

Monthly sales range between 100 and 300 units.

 For the best results, reduce the level of competition to “very low” or “low.

 Set the monthly average pricing at anywhere between $20 and $35.

 Raise your specialized score to at least seven.

It would be best to have plenty of alternatives to look at across all categories with so many items accessible.

Also, when you’re just starting, make things as simple as possible. Because of this, low-maintenance categories such as housewares, sports & outdoors, and patio, home & garden are ideal selections for first-time purchasers.

Step 3 determines whether the product is accessible on an e-commerce site such as Aliexpress.

Once you’ve come up with a few product ideas, you’ll need to find a supplier.

Aliexpress has the most dropshipping product links. Dropshipping providers may interact with e-commerce business owners via this B2B platform, connecting them with dropship suppliers.

It’s as simple as entering search terms for the item you wish to sell, and a plethora of possibilities will emerge, just like on Amazon.

When you click on one of them, a deluge of information appears. In the above example, the notebook/agenda planner costs $3.22 with free shipping to the United States (and shipping is free).

Furthermore, the vendor offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on the goods. (However, keep in mind that delivery will take more than a month.)

Step 4: Make an Amazon product page for your company.

Once you’ve developed a product concept and secured a supplier to assist you in getting it to market, you’ll need to create an Amazon product listing.

Add a product from your Seller Central account to Inventory. Then, in the Add, a Product window that appears, click “Create a new product listing.”

Choosing a product category is the first step in the process. Afterward, you’ll be required to complete the listing’s data form.

Don’t overlook Amazon’s costs when deciding on a dropshipping product price. Depending on the category, professional sellers must pay an 8-15 percent referral fee. Additionally, individual sellers are required to pay an additional $1.00 for each transaction.

Selling on Amazon has a fee schedule where you may find out more about Amazon’s fees.

Finally, after you’re ready, you may post your ad and start making sales.

Here are five pointers to help you succeed with Amazon dropshipping.

Even so, it looks to be a simple procedure, correct? Because that is just what it is!

Starting an Amazon dropshipping company is straightforward. On the other hand, dropshipping through Amazon needs more work to be successful.

The following are five tips to help you succeed in dropshipping.

Make your listing public. To achieve the greatest sales, you must increase the number of individuals who notice your product listing. There are several ways to achieve this.

There is Amazon Pay-Per-Click, a form of internal sponsorship (PPC). Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to construct product advertisements that show higher in Amazon’s search results for certain keywords. Following that, you may build traffic to your Amazon product listing by external means such as social networking, blogging, email marketing, and so on. This method may be more difficult to implement if your firm does not already have a following, but it may help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Prioritize the client.

Dropshipping on Amazon alleviates many of the responsibilities of being a business. Your product does not require any manufacture or delivery. Ensure that the buyer receives it and is happy. That’s all there is to it. Dropshipping allows you to focus your time on customer service rather than running your business. Furthermore, delivering exceptional customer service helps to gain favorable product reviews. Furthermore, the positive customer feedback may make or break the success or failure of your Amazon product.

2. Focus on your company’s brand.

The main disadvantage of using dropshipping is that you are forced to sell a product that does not influence the design or development. Other merchants will also have access to the same provider. As a result, you have little to offer your competitors. As a result, you must concentrate on the company’s image. If your product is identical to that of your competitor, it does not have to be “the same.” Stainless steel 40 oz tumblers from the business YETI, for example, cost $40 apiece. RTIC’s stainless steel tumblers are identical to those supplied by its competitor for less than $20. On the other hand, YETI remains the market leader in this specific product category. The solution is simple: consumers want the YETI brand and its related image.

3. collect samples

You should know exactly what you’re selling before listing it. Leap and place a pre-order. And it’s much better if you can do it in secret without the provider noticing. Do you recall how it seemed when you initially received it? What was the time limit? Were the things precisely what you had hoped for? When you begin dropshipping on Amazon, all of these little factors will help you predict how your customers will get their products.

4. Cast a broad net for yourself.

Because there are no startup costs, dropshipping allows you to reach a larger audience. In other words, you may list a large number of objects at once. Some will be unlucky. Others will achieve greater success than I will. Concentrate on what is working and remove the aspects of your plan. This method is OK as long as you follow Amazon’s regulations. However, you must retain your organization and follow Tips #2 and #3.