Virat Kohli has been in a lot of trouble lately because the Indian captain hasn’t been able to score a lot of big runs in the longest form of the game. Even though he got off to a few good starts, he couldn’t turn the tide and lost the momentum. but for surly we know virat kohli who is the king of cricket will be best of all time.

People are also talking a lot about taking Kohli’s job as captain of the Indian team. But let’s just put together a few facts that, if not a debate, will at least start a small argument about the Indian captain’s skills in the longest form of the game.

Before I get into the details of this story, let me tell you a story about Sourav Ganguly, another famous Indian captain. When he took over the team and we were playing against powerful teams like the Australians, he was brave enough to challenge their cold-blooded dominance.

In the next couple of years, things got better for him as a batsman and as a captain. His best year as captain was the 2003 World Cup, when India lost the final to an unbeatable Australia.

That’s when his batting started to get worse in the shorter version of the game. Even though he had some brilliant moments, he couldn’t score more than 10 points in almost every other game. But India was still able to turn things around in a very impressive way, and it was a better show to watch when they were up against a strong team in a close game.

Everyone said that it was the bowlers or the new aggressiveness of the young batters that helped India win, but when it came to making decisions on the field, Ganguly took a firm stance and led India to a number of victories as a thinktank, even though he didn’t score many runs.

Now, when it comes to VK, he is one of the world’s most animated skippers, and to be honest, the man wears his heart on his sleeve. He doesn’t think twice about what to do and doesn’t back down from a fight.

But there are always two sides to a story, and the first one might make Kohli’s batting slow down, while the other might tell of his bravery as a captain. We will try to explain why Kohli is the best Test captain for India.

1 Aggression personified

If you try to hurt Kohli or one of his players, you won’t leave the field without getting hurt. Kohli was angry about what happened between Bumrah and Buttler, so when India went out on the field, he paid the English back in the same way. People might say that yelling and acting crazy on the field isn’t always the best way to solve a problem. Maybe it’s true, but if someone is trying to get under your skin, it’s important to put them down.

Remember that famous fight between Miandad and Dennis Lillee? Lillee kicked the Pakistani batsman, and Miandad hit Lillee with his bat in response. Kohli is just a more skilled version of the same thing. He doesn’t believe in mercy. If you’re nice to him, he’ll be nice to you, but if you want to eat one of his players, you should get ready for something worse. Especially when the game goes on for a long time, these things make his players think they have a leader who is willing to die for them.

2 Unwavering support for his players

Here are five reasons why Virat Kohli is the best Indian Test captain ever.

The only thing a player needs is for his captain to believe in him. Most of the time, a leader’s trust is well-placed, and when the tallest man in the house is on your side, it goes without saying that the best will happen.

Let’s look at a few names that came to light because of how much Kohli helped his teammates. K.L. Rahul, T. Natarajan, Mohammed Siraj, Rishabh Pant, and a whole group of young players have never been questioned by him. Siraj’s bowling was so good that it shook England. The fact that Kohli was willing to bring him on after he went wicketless in the first spell of the second innings, when Moeen Ali and Buttler were putting up a strong fight, shows how much faith Kohli has in his players.

3 Some records here and there

Here are five reasons why Virat Kohli is the best Indian Test captain ever.

With his 37th win as captain, Kohli passed the great Clive Lloyd. At the moment, Ricky Ponting, Steve Waugh, and Graeme Smith are ahead of him on the list. He broke Mahi’s record of 28 wins as a Test captain in 2019.

India has won 23 of its 30 home games while he has been in charge. Kohli also has the record for most Test wins as a captain away from home. He has won in places like Johannesburg, Nottingham, Adelaide, Lord’s, and Melbourne, which are all very impressive. He also has the record for making the most declarations against the powerful SENA nations while he was away from home.

4 Some of the positions he holds

Here are five reasons why Virat Kohli is the best Indian Test captain ever.

Kohli was the first Indian captain to make Australia follow-on in Australia after Kapil Dev. In 2018, India won a remarkable series in Australia, making him the first captain ever to win a series there.

Even though he hasn’t been hitting as well lately, Kohli is still the Indian captain with the most runs scored in Test cricket. He has scored 5511 runs, which is an amazing average of 56.81. He has managed 27 centuries and 25 half-centuries so far. You could point out his recent problems, but you might be surprised by how good he is at leading.

5 The man with a lion’s heart

Here are five reasons why Virat Kohli is the best Indian Test captain ever.

After talking a lot about his looks, all I’ll say is that he has the heart of a lion. He doesn’t give an inch on the field and hates to lose. At the end of the day, he may have been failing for a while, and that’s what makes him human. A God is the perfect person, but Sachin Tendulkar also made mistakes.

Let’s not forget how brave Kohli has been over the years and how he has led the way in the last few years, when the world was hit by a pandemic. Allan Donald has talked in the last few days about what VK told him about taking India from seventh place to first in 2015. You might not agree with this, but India is in second place right now because New Zealand got the ace with the mace. When it comes to cricket, Kohli is the Armstrongs and Aldrins of the sport. He has risen so quickly that he needs to be as strong as the astronauts who took the first steps on the moon.

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